Devin Kosloff


With a familial background of classically-trained musicians--his grandparents
played in the Oakland symphony Orchestra--Devin was a rebel until he got his
first electric guitar at the relatively late age of 14. Drawing more from the more
popular styles that provided the soundtrack to his childhood including jazz,
metal, and especially video game music, these styles were for years the sole focus
of his playing and studying on the guitar.

Discovering music theory and the classical guitar as a student at UC Santa Cruz,
Devin embraced the classical guitar and its repertoire, going on to study with
virtuoso and composer Mesut Ozgen. Mesut’s openness to new styles of music
provided Devin with the support he needed to carve his own path with the
instrument and retain the musical influences of his childhood. In the time Devin
spent with Mesut, he managed to place in the top three performers for two
consecutive years in the ASTA Bay Area Scholarship competition,received
multiple music scholarships, and graduated Summa cum Laude.

Since leaving UCSC, Devin has been consistently teaching privately, applying his
knowledge and enthusiasm for all styles of guitar music to help students from
ages 5 to 65 learn to play and love the guitar.

Devin received his Master's degree in Music Performance from Portland State University under renowned composer/guitarist Bryan Johanson and Jesse McCann--two members of the Oregon Guitar Quartet. Through their guidance, Devin has cemented his reputation as a representative for under-performed and under-recognized composers as well as a unique performer of video game music for the guitar.

He is currently spreading music education and knowledge of his instrument to
people for whom it is otherwise inaccessible. Working with the Neighborhood
House--a non-profit program--he started an after school guitar program at
which gives private lessons to underprivileged children in the Portland area. He has also broadened the reach of his teaching by implementing Skype as a tool to give online lessons.

Devin’s ambition, creativity, and unique repertoire are driving forces for his
efforts and success in adding music to the local community and a broader
interest in the classical guitar.